WizAssure PERFORM for Packaging Applications


WizAssure PERFORM – New Ground-Breaking
Metalocene-based Olefin Chemistry

Advancing adhesives since 1875, WizAssure is Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide’s new ground-breaking high-performance metalocene-based hot melt adhesive specially formulated for a wide range of packaging applications. For over a decade, our technical team as well as industry experts has been working on this innovative adhesive product. WizAssure provides unsurpassed bonding, greater mileage and broader service temperature ranges in addition to being an exceptional value and always readily available.

Using WizAssure reduces adhesive usage by 20%-50%, when compared to other hot melt technologies, and consistently maintains strong bonds.*

*all applications require auditing.

R – Rated Tops by Independent Labs
E – Economics
A – Availability
S – Superior Performance
S – Second to None
U – Unequaled Technology
R – Rival to None
E – Effortless Use

Superior Adhesion Technology
  • Performs exceptionally well on a wide range of substrates and service temperature ranges
Thermal and Pot Stability
  • Improves end product appearance
Excellent Runnability
  • Allows for safe, user-friendly usage
  • Reduces costs
  • Protects pricing
Equipment Friendly
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Eliminates gels and charring
  • Eliminates downtime
Increased Mileage
  • Significantly reduces application weights
  • Produces less waste