Our success story is simple – Innovation, product performance and
The Wisdom Way philosophy of doing business make a world of difference.



The Wisdom Way is a comprehensive approach to conducting business based on six guiding principles– passion, action, reinvention, endurance, and relationships –the ties that bind Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide with our Customers, Employees and Communities together to profit us all.

Represented by the hexagon, the strongest of all chemical structures, each principle of The Wisdom Way corresponds to one of the hexagon’s six sides, which come together to create a strong belief system that builds tight bonds, lasting many generations.





The Wisdom Way:

  • Offers Customers environmentally safe, unique and competitive leading-edge technologies and products at a fair value. Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has been a master of reinvention for over 140 years; the willingness to “think outside the box” keeps our company young, nimble and growing in order to give our customers competitive advantages in the face of change. Customer service endures as a top priority at Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide as it has since 1875.
  • Provides Employees with a sustainable, highly ethical and appreciative work environment where a strong emphasis is placed on family values and a work/life balance. All employees are encouraged to be passionate about their work and take action to reach their full potential.
  • Is generous in both money and time invested in the Communities in which we operate. Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide shapes environmental and public policy and donates a defined percentage of after-tax profits, primarily through the Wisdom Family Foundation, to qualified entities.