Protein Adhesives

Ideal for: Bookbinding, Paper Converting, Assembly and Packaging Applications, Porous Substrates

Protein adhesives contain gelatin and are also known as cake or jelly glues. They are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Protein Adhesives are mixtures of various types of plant or animal-based proteins with other additives. These adhesives come in cake form, liquid or dry flakes. The cake form has water already mixed into it for immediate as-is use when heated in an applicating device, and can be formulated for tack and speed set properties. The liquid and flake forms are often mixed with water up to 50% at the end-user’s facility to give the customer options for various applications and substrates. The adhesive is heated to approx 140° F and applied.


Protein Adhesives Provide:

  • flexibility of adhesive film
  • excellent non-warp characteristics
  • permanent adhesion
  • ease of clean-up