Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Permanent or Removable Applications such as General Purpose Product Assembly, Display, Tags, Labels, and Mailers.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) form a bond when pressure is applied to marry the adhesive with the adherent. Solvent, water, or heat is not needed to activate the adhesive.

PSA’s are used for foils and films, tapes, labels, notepads, as well as a wide variety of other products.

PSA’s are tacky at room temperature in dry form; they adhere firmly to a variety of dissimilar surfaces upon contact, requiring only the application of finger or hand pressure.

As the name "pressure-sensitive" indicates, the degree of bond is influenced by the amount of pressure used to apply the adhesive to the surface as well as surface factors.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Provide:

  • excellent adhesion properties to a wide range of substrates
  • equipment friendly usage-
    • lowers maintenance costs
    • eliminates gel and charring
    • eliminates downtime
  • low odor – safe and user-friendly
  • reduced costs
  • increased mileage –
    • reduces amount of adhesive applied and application weights
    • produces less waste
  • range of colors – improves end product appearance

Types :

  • High Strength/High Peel
  • Moderate Strength/Moderate Peel(Repositionable)
  • Low Strength/Low Peel (Fugitive)