Graphic Arts/Bookbinding

Our specifically formulated water-based, hot melt and protein adhesive products to match binders’ exact needs and original equipment specifications.

  • Backlining/Tightback
  • Casemaking
  • Casing In
  • Catalogues/Directories
  • General Purpose One-Shot Perfect Binding
  • Gluing Off
  • Joint/Side Glue
  • One-Shot Perfect Binding
  • Stripping/Tipping/Onserts
  • Two-Shot Perfect and Casebinding “Cold/Hot”
  • Ota Bind/RepKover Binding
  • Cap Liner Attachment

On-Demand Printing

Our on-demand printing adhesives product line ranges from highly formulated adhesives for specific adhesions and applications, to economical for easier-to-bind surfaces. Additionally, we have developed products with excellent adhesion properties for photographic applications.

  • Case-making (both water-based and protein adhesive-based)
  • Casing-in (mainly water-based)
  • Hot melt for spine adhesive binding