Dextrin Adhesives

Ideal for: Laminating, Product Assembly and Paper Converting Applications, Porous Substrates

Dextrin adhesives bond well to porous surfaces, but are not water-resistant and have a slow set time.
Dextrin Adhesives (Brown Glues) are starch with other additives-based adhesives. These adhesives bond well to porous surfaces but are not as water-resistant as most water-based resins and have a slower set time. They are a lower cost alternative and clean up better than water-based resins.

Dextrin Adhesives Provide Excellent:

  • penetration
  • wet tack and tack range
  • final adhesion to regular stocks
  • heat and cold resistance
  • machining characteristics
  • non-critical storage conditions 


  • Laminating Paper-to-Paper
  • Layflat for Laminating
  • Fast Drying for Laminating
  • High Solids
  • Quick Drying
  • Borated Dextrin