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Wisdom Quality Manual 2015

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide is a global leader in supplying highly reliable, environmentally safe water-based and hot melt adhesives. Owned and operated by the Wisdom family since 1875, Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide is the longest continuously producing adhesives manufacturer in the world. Highly personalized service, responding to customer needs and exceeding customer expectations at the speed of sound is the Wisdom Way. Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide is recognized as a top adhesives manufacturer of Waterbased Resins, Dextrins, PSA’s and Acrylics; Hot Melt Eva’s, PE’s and PSA’s; Protein Adhesives and Reactive Products. Wisdom supplies adhesives to a wide range of industries including Book Binding, Converting Tissue and Towel, Graphic Arts, Packaging, Product Assembly, Textiles and General Purpose.

Founded in 1875 by Phillip Wisdom in the wake of the Chicago Fire, Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has weathered the Great Depression, rationing of raw materials during World War II, increasing competition, and the incredible changes in technology and industry since the birth of the Electronic Age.

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has been and continues to be an innovator and manufacturer of custom adhesives. During the last seven years, Wisdom has tripled its sales by expanding into new industries. Packaging is now the Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide’s largest market, yet the company continues to serve its original market of bookbinders and publishers, a list of which reads like a historical “Who’s Who.”

Wisdom also serves the graphic arts, paper, product assembly, textile, display and many other industries. Wisdom Adhesives has a long-standing commitment of responding to customer needs faster than any company (with a 24 hour turnaround) and providing personalized service second to none.

The plant operates three shifts a day, five days a week. Wisdom strictly adheres to an Efficient Compact Organization structure and has only two (2) reporting levels from the shop floor to Senior Management.

The management team at Wisdom is committed to the establishment, documentation, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of their Total Quality Management System (TQMS) through customer satisfaction, employee development and empowerment, continual improvement and business growth. These are documented and demonstrated through the full and ongoing execution of the Wisdom TQMS.

Efficient Compact Organization

Efficient Compact Organization - Two reporting levels

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide strictly adheres to an Efficient Compact Organization structure and has only two (2) reporting levels from the shop floor to Senior Management. This organizational structure allows for a very high rate of response and efficiency not seen in the adhesive industry. Wisdom  has named this initiative as ECO2 – Efficient Compact Organization.